Advanced Tools for fighting
online illegal trafficking


ANITA aims at improving investigation capabilities of LEAs by delivering a set of tools and techniques to efficiently address online illegal trafficking of counterfeit/falsified medicines, NPS, drugs, and weapons.

This is achieved through appropriate knowledge modelling and reasoning services; discovery and monitoring of new and existing online marketplaces; resolving criminal identities in social networks and web and identification of authors and web contents; unmasking of fake information, disinformation and camouflage of the real nature of information; insights on criminal groups relevant and related to trafficking of illegal products; discovery and understanding of trends and behavioural patterns; revealing, tracking, and monitoring of payments and transactions in crypto-currency networks; interoperability with available relevant investigation systems already in place and operation at and for LEAs. This will support the LEAs in more effective investigation activities by using online contents and information obtained under a lawful warrant.


ANITA will design and develop an innovative knowledge-based user-centered cognitive investigation system for analysing heterogeneous (text, audio, video and image) online (Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Nets) and offline (LEAs’ databases) resources for fighting illegal trafficking activities

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Main Goals

ANITA’s primary goal is twofold:
- To boost the LEA’s investigation process and to significantly increase their operational capabilities,
- To significantly facilitate the novice officers training process and to optimize the learning curve

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Over the recent years, online illegal trafficking activities have hugely elaborated and expanded so that to operate at global level with worldwide supply chains, production facilities and administrative offices, while their legal, economic and sustainability state is optimised.

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